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Being experts in the field of tax, we don’t just submit your tax return for you, but we make sure that it is completed correctly and ensure all possible reliefs are claimed.  Whether you are a self employed individual, a partner of a partnership or someone with investments in a company or property, we can:-

Prepare and submit your personal tax return.

Calculate your personal tax liability and inform you of payment due dates.

Ensure your tax return is completed correctly and submitted in good time to reduce the threat of penalties.

Personal Tax Planning

Whether it is extracting funds from your company, wanting to make pension contributions or you want to know the tax impact from certain investments. It is our job to understand and apply the tax legislation to benefit you. 

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax can be a complex area with various treatments and reliefs available. 

We can’t stress enough the importance of planning for capital gains. We will prepare capital gains tax projections should you be considering to make any capital disposals, allowing us to advise on any potential reliefs available to ensure you are making the disposal in the most tax efficient manor. 

Did you know? If you sell a residential property, you are now required to calculate and pay any capital gains tax within 30 days from the date of sale.

Business Tax


Corporation Tax

  • Preparation of corporation tax computation
  • Submission of company tax return to HMRC with tagged financial accounts
  • Advising on when corporation tax is due for payment
  • Ensure group relief is claimed when available 
  • Advise on potential claims for Research and Development

Sole Trader / Partnership

  • Calculation of taxable profits
  • Calculation of partnership profit/loss allocations
  • Calculation of farmers averaging
  • Submission of partnership tax return to HMRC
  • Ensure losses are utilised efficiently

Capital Allowances

Capital Allowances have their own section in the legislation with many rules and regulations surrounding any claims for capital expenditure. 

We can ensure that capital allowances are claimed on any qualifying expenditure in the most efficient way. 

By speaking to us first about purchasing any capital assets, we would be able to advise on the timing of the purchase to ensure maximum relief is obtained.

Tax Planning

Planning for the future can help reduce your tax liability, whether this is looking at structuring capital allowances efficiently, timing of loss relief claims, business restructures or fund extraction methods. 

Tax planning allows you to understand the impact of certain scenarios, allowing us to advise on the most tax efficient route to take and prevent any unexpected tax bills. 

We can also look at an exit strategy or a succession plan if you are considering selling or passing on your business.

Trust & Estate Tax

Are you aware of the reporting requirements as a trustee or an executor?

Each trust and estate is different, therefore we assess the reporting requirements and tax treatment on a case by case basis. 

From registering a trust and estate with HMRC, to calculating the tax liability and submission of the relevant tax returns, we can help ensure that you are kept on track with any reporting obligations necessary. 


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